Victoria Leith

Who am I?

I sought and obtained a place on a highly competitive midwifery degree course in London in 2008 following completion of my psychology degree in Cambridge with ambitions of combatting psychological illness in childbearing families. A curious cynic I explored much of what was available and marketed to young families which introduced me to a range of passionate professionals who happily shared their skills and experience with me.

Infant feeding support is so complicated as it is tailored to the individuals. I have worked with women after breast surgery, undergoing medical and surgical treatments, with illnesses that can impede lactation and have sought solutions with the paediatric team with children who have complex issues. 

I love my work, and I love leaving families confident

What is important to me and why

I believe in taking time to listen and making practical plans to reach achievable goals. This may involve working with your other healthcare providers and investigative tests.

I believe in responsive feeding for meeting nutritional needs in addition to psycho-social development as set out by the leading international authorities based on data.

If I do not believe I can help you I will endeavor to find someone that can and will not leave you without a contingency plan.

What a consultation involves

First contact will usually be by telephone to assess what kind of consultation, if any, is required and to plan a convenient time. 

A first consultation will involve some introductions, exploration of medical history and identification of any current and potential roadblocks.

This consultation will usually last about 90 minutes and hopefully direct observation. Please have videos and any other material that could be helpful.